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We are welcome to show you all kind of our knowledge and mind of our understanding original antiques in Europe traditions.
We export / import furniture whole life and know what's rare and cute.
15 years experience make our jorney more pleasure

Fresh furniture

Two white painted bedside tables 2308160001
walnut, carving, paint, France, dimensions: 36x33x72cm
Antique corner cupboard 1808160002
pine, France, dimensions: 47x47x192cm
Writing table 1808160001
walnut, paint, France, dimensions: 105x63x74cm
The pair of bra with mirrors 1208160004
bronze, cast iron, mirror, France, dimensions: 30x15x50cm
Antique bench 1108160001
walnut, carving, France, dimensions: 150x55x150cm
Antique sideboard 0808160001
oak, carving, France, dimensions: 72x43x109cm
Writing table set: desk, chair 0608160005
Chinese lacquer, painting, France, dimensions: desk 122x47x78cm, chair 51x50x95cm
Two bedside tables 0608160004
walnut, France, dimensions: 52x32x73cm
Antique showcase 0608160003
walnut, carving, France, dimensions: 100x50x185cm
Antique sideboard 0608160002
walnut, carving, France, dimensions: 100x55x88cm
Antique cast iron stove 2207160001
cast iron, France, dimensions: 70x45x100cm
Antique fireplace set : fan, holder with tongs, shovel, poker 2007160008
bronze, cast iron, France, dimensions: fan 80x20x60cm, holder with tongs, shovel, poker 30x89cm
Antique mirror 2007160007
wooden frame, mirror, France, dimensions: 87x132cm
Antique chest of drawers 2007160005
chestnut, carving, France, dimensions: 62x41x65cm
Antique chest 2007160004
chestnut, carving, France, dimensions: 71x43x54cm
Set of 6 chairs 2007160001
oak, carving, France, dimensions: 46x41x111cm
Two bedside tables with marble top 1707160004
walnut, carving, France, dimensions: 44x45x96cm
Antique oak chest Gothic style 1707160003
oak, carving, France, dimensions: 90x45x54cm
Antique chest of drawers 1707160001
oak, carving, marble, France, dimensions: 126x50x103cm
Antique bench 1107160008
oak, carving, France, dimensions: 172x70x142cm


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